The Men's Wisdom Circle

Where men come together to find community centered on the belief that through sharing and listening we can evolve into better fathers, husbands, partners, friends, and human beings


Would you like to become more self-aware, empathetic, confident,  optimistic, emotionally intelligent, and open-minded? 

The Mens Wisdom Circle is for men who want to approach life with a growth mindset and is committed to personal and interpersonal growth



Does any of this sound familiar?

✔ Do you sometimes have trouble recognizing, understanding, and managing your full range of emotions?

✔ Would you like to get better at being vulnerable so that you can communicate to others what it is you need and want from them without fear of being judged or criticized?

✔ Are you tired of living with the old cultural beliefs and expectations that men should be strong and not show emotions or feelings?

✔ Do you feel lonely at times with no one to share your true feelings?

✔ You would like to grow by setting goals, pursuing new hobbies or interests, setting healthy boundaries, and more, but do not know where to start.




In the Men's Wisdom Circle we will:

Help you understand that being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness.

Help you learn to communicate more effectively so that you can deepen your relationships

Help you learn more effective ways to listen so others feel heard and so you can be more open to feedback.

Help you practice self compassion so that you can be kind to yourself and give permission to make mistakes, take risks, and be vulnerable.

Open up a community of like minded men where you can practice and hone all of these skills in a safe, nurturing place.

About Mark

Mark is a retired 30+ year executive, father to three young men and step-father to three young women.  After spending his career in insurance, Mark went on to build a flourishing new life as an executive coach and national keynote speaker who helps entrepreneurs and executives rewrite their story to live a life filled with purpose, passion and clarity.  In his former career, Mark was passionate about helping individuals plan for their future. Now, he does much of the same but with a focus on wellbeing, wisdom and relationships. Mark is the co-founder of Retirement Transformed with his wife Jody and is also the author of the upcoming book, The Evolving Man: Life Virtues That Men Don't Talk About.

About Carter

Raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Reverend Carter Via graduated from Wake Forest University and Princeton Theological Seminary.  He was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister in 1987, and has served churches in Westchester County (New York) and Fairfield County (Connecticut).  Currently, Carter is the Lead Minister at the Talmadge Hill Community Church (Darien, CT) as well as the Founder/Executive Director at Crossing Thresholds -- a non-profit building schools in the Kibera Slum (Nairobi, Kenya).  He launched Crossing Thresholds in 2008 after more than ten years of running trips to East Africa. Carter has two children -- Joseph and Rebecca Via.  He enjoys public speaking, travel, reading, hiking, golf and food.

How The Men's Wisdom Circle Came to be:

Mark and Carter first met nearly 25 years ago when they began leading groups of business leaders from Westchester County, New York under the auspices of Bridges to Community, to build homes in a remote part of that country. 

A bond was immediately made and since then they have focused separately and together on helping people transform their lives while serving others.

It was in October on 2022, in a coffee shop in New Haven, CT that they began their dream to build a community specifically for men. Taking their own experiences, knowledge, and wisdom they have set the table for what has become a community unlike any other where men can learn, be vulnerable, and grow. 

Through our monthly online meetings, smaller weekly coffee sessions, and our proprietary online community, we find multiple ways to stay connected, share knowledge, and work on becoming better human beings.

What's included with membership:

Private Online Community

  • Confidential area where we store all previous monthly recordings.
  • Private text and video chats with other members.
  • Post questions, ideas, and thoughts on anything you want to share for commentary.
  • As scheduled weekly coffee hour for anyone who feels like joining to talk about what’s on your mind.
  • Platform has the look and feel of Facebook but 100% private and secure

Monthly Zoom Sessions

  • Monthly, 90-minute zoom sessions led by Mark and Carter
  • Group discussions that are lively, fun, engaging and inspirational
  • Deep learning with monthly challenges to put into practice what we learn.
  • Smaller discussion groups to go deeper on the topic of the month.
  • Additional bi-weekly one hour calls hosted by Mark and Carter to answer any pressing questions


Connections with like-minded men who share your common struggles and desire to learn

Outside guest speakers on critical topics so we can learn from content specific experts

Members will be invited to future live events.


From the Men: 


"Thank you for making this forum available to the group and me. I know groups such as this can be very therapeutic."



"These meetings have truly been interesting as I continue to explore more about myself in this phase of life."



"You've hit on something good here. I'm eager to see where it goes. Thank you for including me."



"I often think, “it’s just me,” or I’m the only one experiencing an issue, frustration, or situation, and once you’re vulnerable and willing to speak and listen, you find out that most everyone deals with the same stuff."



"I'm so glad I was able to join. Since I’ve never participated in a “men’s” discussion group, I didn’t know what to expect. But the whole thing worked really well."


We open enrollment twice a year in January and June. 

This allows an onboarding process and proper welcome for each group. To join the waitlist and be notified when we are taking new members, fill out the form below.